Colorado Springs

Five days in Colorado Springs and I was ready to be back in the Sweet Sunny South. Between the elevation, lack of humidity, and fourteen hour days documenting the Tupperware Summit Awards, I had just enough left on the last day to venture out and visit the Garden of the Gods. It really is hard to describe how these monolithic giants dominated the landscape. The birds were in heaven and for a brief moment I relaxed as they filled my mind with there beautiful song.

As I was heading for the airport, I decided to drive into the countryside. I did not venture far to find myself in the middle of nowhere. A couple of horses and a dormant tundra rested in the foreground of the mighty Pike's Peak (14,420 ft.) On the plane ride home, I gripped my book Big Medicine and Six Nations as I prayed to my friend Ted Williams to hold my hand through the turbulence. I hate flying.