Barnyard Guitars

Barnyard Guitars - Wabi Sabi Artist Rusty Douglas


Wabi-sabi is an ancient Asian art form/philosophy which advocates a naturally occuring, organically arising process i.e. one that evolves over time, as compared to a pre-fab, uniform, synthetic, commercial condition. Wabi-sabi philosophy states that all things arise from nothingness and return to nothingness, via wear, decay, use, etc. wabi-sabi clothing, for instance would be soft, faded, and comfortable as compared to stiff, synthetic and uncomfortable. Things wabi-sabi tend to be asymetrical, irregular and varigated therefore more readily blending with the natural order of things. Commercially mass produced, identical products are the anti-thesis of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Things wabi-sabi tend to embody strong individual characteristics and attributes.
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